Monday, June 16, 2014

What I'm doing

What plan am I following?   The Classic Weight Watchers points plan.
I'm doing it because I've tried everything.  Atkins, Physician's weight loss, counting calories, Atkins (I've done it a few times... ha ha) Lean Cuisines, Modified Gerson, Paleo, Clean eating, Whole foods diet... I could go on and on and on.
I've done them all.   Weight Watchers is the only thing that's ever consistently worked for me and the only plan that I could stick with long term.  It's "sustainable".   About a dozen years ago I did WW hardcore.  I stuck with it and lost 80 pounds.  And then I ate donuts... lots of them.   Guess what?  You can't do that.  Donuts got me into this situation... rejecting donuts is gonna get me out.  Pretty simple.
So... I'm back on.  More weight to lose this time but what choice do I have? I need to lose 113 lbs to feel "human" again.  If I lose 1lb a week... that's 2 years.
TWO YEARS.   Gosh... seems daunting doesn't it?  It's a shorter amount of time than the rest of my life though and this is what I have to do in one form or the other for the rest of my life.  I can't resort to eating donuts.
But it's not going to take me 2 years.  I promise. (big smile)  I lost 10.2 lbs the FIRST WEEK.   But I always do so don't get real impressed and those results are not typical.  I always lose a buttload of water weight the first week.  Tomorrow is weigh in day... we shall see.
OH.... I'm not going to meetings and I'm NOT getting on the scale every day.   I drive myself nuts with that so one time a week is enough for me.  I'm using an app on my phone called iTrackBites.  It's the shizz.  You can do the new WW or Classic WW or just calories!  It's SO convenient! It tracks how much you've eaten all day, your exercise, your bonus "bites" and sets goals for you!  It has a calculator, a "community" page for support, a few handy food guides and a barcode reader!  I love it.   I think it was $2.99 and worth every penny.  Here's a screen shot.
It's also worth mentioning that I'm focusing really closely on how much protein I'm getting and that I'm eating real food and not filling up on a bunch of junk.   More on that later.  

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