Thursday, June 19, 2014

Non-Scale Victories

Non-Scale Victories.   So important because sometimes the scale just doesn't move.   It doesn't mean there aren't changes happening in your body and in your mindset! Mindset is EVERYTHING.   I mean... 100%.   You can't do anything without the proper mindset.   One of the many hats I wear is that of a firearms instructor.   Mindset is of the utmost importance.  To develop that mindset in those who have decided to carry a gun for self defense I ask:
Q: Why do you want to carry a gun?
A:  To protect myself and my family
Q: Why do you need to protect yourself and your family?
A:  Because bad people do bad things to good people.
Q: Ok... when will you carry your gun?
A: When I feel like I need it.   (WRONG!!!  you NEVER know when you'll need it!  This will be important later) The right answer is "100% of the time that I have on pants"
Q:  Do you think you can win a gunfight?
A:  (the student might say...)  Oh.. no... I shoot good enough but I'm not a fighter.. that's why I have a gun  (WRONG!  You're going to be IN A GUNFIGHT!  that's why you've decided to carry a gun)
Q: Do you think carrying a gun will make you more confident? ready for anything? kinda badass?
A: (the student might say...) Well, I'll be more confident for sure...
The truth is that you will be hyper vigilant.   Just the aura you put off will project to most attackers that you are not one to be dealt with.  This doesn't mean you're badass... it means you're aware of your surroundings and you're gonna be harder to attack than the woman with her head down texting.

Now you're wondering... what has this got to do with weight loss?  Let's follow the same thought process.
Q: Why do you want to lose weight?
A:  I'm in pain, I'm unhealthy, I'm embarrassed, I'm limited.
Q:  How will losing weight fix those things?
A:  less stress on my knees and shoulders, less stress on my heart, I'll look normal and fit into normal things, I'll be able to do more activities.
Q:  How will you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight?
A:  by making healthy choices, not binging, watching my calorie intake and getting regular exercise.
Q:  How often will you do this?
A:  (the right answer) for the rest of my life unless I want to gain weight.
Q:  Do you think losing weight will make you more confident, ready for anything, kinda badass?
A:  No, those are mental states of mind, I will develop those attributes with work of a different kind.  I will be hyper vigilant though.  Carelessly eating donuts and not planning before going out to eat can't happen.  I will not let weight and food sneak up on me again.

Developing the proper mindset is more than just knowing these things, it's putting them into action.  People come to me for gun advice because I'm passionate about it.   In the future... people will come to me for health advice because I'm gonna get passionate about it!  It's a good thing!

That realization has been a huge NSV for me this week.   I've had others though.   I officially have a pair of shorts that I can't wear without a belt! Kind of a shame since I love them so much but I'll take it!  I also resisted the urge to stop at Wendy's yesterday and get a double cheeseburger.   Instead, I stopped, looked up a healthy FILLING (because lahhhwwss.... I didn't want a vegetable!) choice and got it instead.   I had a small bowl of chili for 3 CWW points.  It was delicious and hit the spot.   I got some protein and fiber!  GOOD FOR ME!  So those are my NSVs for this week.  I'm going to start keeping little notes in my iTrackBites tracker so I can be sure and list every NSV next week.

Remember.... treat your good days like your bad days because there will BE BAD DAYS.   You have to carry your good choices everywhere! You never know when food will attack!

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