Monday, June 23, 2014

Complete Food Journal #2

It's Monday!!!  That means it's complete food journal day.    You're in luck!  I was feeling froggy and decided to list the entire week's worth of journals.  
Don't get spoiled ok?
I didn't go over my points one time this week.  As a matter of fact... I was under every day.   We'll see how that materializes tomorrow on the scale!
Tuesday June 17, 2014
Chicken wraps
3 whole wheat tortillas -3pts
3 servings of Sriracha Chicken breast luncheon meat -3pts
Kraft light mayo- 2pts (used very little on all three)
Snack (on the road... stressful day)
1 small bag of Cheesy Chex Mix.  Not a good choice but before I ate it, I vowed to not let it ruin my day -10 pts
Gorton's Fish fillets with Garlic butter - 4pts
Coconut oil - 2pts
Summer squash - 0pts
Snow pea pods - 0 pts
Late night snacking-
Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwich - 3pts
Chia Pop popcorn - 2pts
29pts total, had 7 left over.
Wednesday June 18, 2014
Kroger reduced sugar strawberry preserves 1pt
eggo whole wheat waffles x2 - 3pts
strawberries raw 0pts
Kroger turkey sausage 2pts
snack - 
Light Ranch dressing 2pts
baby carrots 0pts
Emerald vanilla almonds 2pts
1 small cup wendy's chili - 3pts
pineapple 1pt
Homemade pizza x2  12pts
late night snacking-
Skinny cow ice cream sandwich 3pts
pirates booty corn puffs 3pts
32 pts  4pts left
Thursday June 19, 2014
Kroger carbmaster yogurt 1pts
post great grains protein blend 2pts
Lunch -
homemade pizza  12 pts
Snack -
caramel peanuts 8pts
Dinner -
Light Kroger hot dog buns x2  2pts
Oscar Meyer light hot dogs x2 3pts
Green Salad plain  0pts
Late night snacking -
Skinny cow ice cream sandwich  3pts
31pts total  5 left
Friday June 20, 2014
Turkey bacon x4slices  3pts
Eggo whole wheat waffles x2 3pts
2 eggs 4pts
coconut oil  2pts
kroger RS Strawberry preserves  1pt
strawberries 0pts
Pirates booty corn puffs 3pts
Lean Cuisine Pretzel bites 3pts
Carrots 0pts
1 chicken finger (moment of weakness)  3pts
Sweet and Sour chicken and cauliflower fried rice x2 servings 12pts
34 used 2 left
June 21, 2014
Protein powder 1 scoop 3pts
Kroger carbmaster yogurt 1pt
Blueberries 1pt
strawberries 0pts
Cauliflower fried rice 4pts
unsweetened applesauce 1pt
Dinner  (Jug and Kilt)
Black bean veggie burger  2pts
Poppy seed roll 2pts
Avocado 2pts
broccoli with butter 2pts
Cheese provolone 1 pt
Late night snacking
Pirates booty corn puffs 3pts
pineapple 1pt
babybel light cheese wheel  1pt
pumpkin seeds hulled 4pts
yogurt carbmaster 1pt
great grains cereal 2pts
31pts used... 5 left
June 22, 2014
Yogurt with cereal  3pts
Lunch (Firehouse Subs)
Veggie Sub medium (only ate 1/2)  10pts
Light Cherry Limeaide  2pts
Morning Star Farms grillers veggie burger 4pts
1 snack size bag of Lay's kettle cooked jalapeno and cheese chips  4pts
light hamburger bun 1pt
babybel light cheese wheel 1pt
Kraft light dressing 2pts
Green salad 0pts
Late night snacking
Skinny cow ice cream sandwich 3pts
Pirates booty corn puffs 3pts
33used  3 left

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