Sunday, June 22, 2014

Small victories.

So today is hub's official birthday and he wanted to go to Cabela's and Firehouse subs. If you don't have a Firehouse Subs in your area and your watching your diet, You.  Are. Lucky. I mean the medium sub there averages more that a full days worth of points alone.  Never mind the chips and drink. I tried to plan accordingly. The site that I checked for nutritional info said I could get away with a veggie sub for about 12 pts.  I got there and it was not on the menu. I had to ask for it.  I got my sub and took a bite.  Delicious!! But... It was so delicious that I KNEW it wasn't 12pts. I did a little more research on my phone and found that indeed... It was NOT 12pts but TWENTY points.  *sigh*
Here's where we find the victory. I only ate half and half my friends.... Is not a lot.  It was also soooooooooo good.  I really wanted the other half. I also was duped into a light cherry lime aide. Au contaire !! 5pts is not "light" to me!! I dumped it. I got the little bag on 40% less fat kettle chips for 4pts and only ate 4. So I came out of there for about 12 pts and didn't feel bitter about it.  In fact I felt pretty pleased and not dying for something else to eat. 
What a huge victory!!
I hung out with my family and did what they did while not making them feel guilty about their lunch and being good to myself. 
Last night was a restaurant victory as well!  We went to a local gastro-pub with friends and I was able to escape with only 12pts of food in my tummy.  I actually had 14pts left over last night!! I planned my day a little TOO well!!
Today I'm feeling it in my clothes and hubs said he's noticing. How could I possibly not keep doing this?
Attitude / mindset is everything. 

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