Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I've been watching my food very closely.  Planning every bite and logging every bite.   I know that's not sustainable.  For 2 weeks now I've not "cheated" once.  Even though on WW there is no "cheating".  That's what makes it easy to do! What I mean by that is: I haven't gone over my points once, haven't dipped into my bonus points once and haven't used any activity points. Everything I've eaten with the exception of my coveted ice cream sandwich before bed has been a real food, not junk.
I start to worry... "Surely I can't keep this up forever"  and "what if I eat some cheetos and they're so delicious that I can't quit eating them and I eat them every day and and and.... what if I can't do this!"

So I purposefully made myself eat something that wasn't ideal today and then get right back on the wagon.  I think I need to make myself do this periodically to teach myself that chex mix is a "sometimes food" as Grover on Sesame St. would say.
So I did eat a whole (small) bag of cheesy chex mix today and it was 10pts and I DID log it.  
That's the idea right?  You can have what you want (within reason) so long as you write it down.  It's all about personal accountability!  

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