Monday, June 16, 2014

Breakfast Time.

I'm undermotivated in the mornings.   Am I the only one?  I kinda doubt it.  I rarely feel like fixing a lovely veggie and egg white omelette in the a.m.
But I NEED protein.    This is good.  I know it looks like crap but it's REALLY good.  It's my favorite breakfast or snack lately.
1 container of yogurt (this is Kroger Carb-Master for 1 classic WW point) but Greek yogurt is best due to it's high protein.  
1/2 cup of Post Great Grains Protein blend.   A serving on the label says 1 cup but I divvy it out into 1/2 cup servings when I get the box.  I put all the servings in snack size baggies and then put all the baggies back in the box.  It's 2 CWW points for the cereal but it's totally worth it.  It stays crunchy, it's delicious, it really packs a protein punch and is really satisfying.  

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