Thursday, June 26, 2014

Non-Scale Victory June 26 edition

Non-Scale Victories.  
I'm going to have to dig deep this week.   I haven't seen a lot of difference in how my clothes feel, I haven't gained a notch on my belt, I haven't received any compliments lately but you know what I have done?
*kept this blog up every day.
*logged every bite I've taken... for real.
*had only ONE HALF of ONE PIECE of cheezy bread.
*stayed within my points range for 23 days in a row
*made an effort to get more steps in whenever I can
*noticed that my hair feels softer.  YES!  I'm counting that!  I think I'm actually getting enough vitamins to affect how my hair feels! 

None of those things has an affect on how I look but they're all so important.  This is about a mindset and a lifestyle, not only about losing weight! 

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