Friday, June 20, 2014

Healthy Strategies

If you'll notice on the sidebar, I've set myself a schedule.  Maybe it'll help me with writer's block?  I'll follow it loosely and break pattern often.
Ok... that's out of my system.
So today is "Healthy Strategies" day.  I keep hearing from successful people that I need to surround myself with motivation.  I'm doing my best to do that.   I love Pinterest of course but what I love most is reading other people's success stories and ideas.   I've been amassing a list of blogs to read on the sidebar and that will continue to grow but what I'm loving right now is Bloglovin' for my phone.  I even added a wittle widget on the side bar of my blog! yay!
I can read all my favorite blogs wherever I am, whenever I need a boost, anytime.  That sounds like a healthy strategy to me!
Other things you can do are:
* Watch healthy documentaries on Netflix
* Surround yourself with helpful people
* Find some helpful apps (may I suggest iTrackBites? LOL)
* Find a helpful online community or local support group
* There may even be weight loss pod casts! (ohhhh! new idea! I'll have to look!)
* Youtube!  I don't have a list of youtube channels yet but Weight Watcher Girl is great!

Netflix watch list (not endorsements... just suggestions)

App list:

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