Sunday, June 22, 2014

Little bags of health and deliciousness!!

I posted about it once before but I absolute heart the heck out of some Post Great Grains Protein Cereal.  I've never sat down to a bowl of it with milk but I'm sure it would be great that way!! What I do is sprinkle it on top of my yogurt!   To make it convenient, I premeasure it out into little snack bags.  I can grab this and a cup of yogurt (or buy one in a pinch) and hit the road.  Today I only put one points worth of cereal in each bag but I added 1/2 t of both flax seed and chia seed for a total of 2pts per Baggie.  That coupled with a one pt yogurt is a major protein boost and keeps me from longing for food for a good long while!!

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