Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Exercise Wednesday

I've made some strides in exercise this week.   It's not been super impressive but it's definitely better than last week so I'm not gonna sweat it.
2 intended puns right there in the opening.  Har har!!

I've been walking in the cemetery in the evenings.  Seems strange doesn't it?  It's not!  It's very peaceful, it's pretty, my cemetery is mostly shady (in a lack of sun way... not in a ripping off their customers way!) and the inhabitants leave me alone!

I got rained out last night so I skipped walking.   This morning hubs had to have some minor surgery so I tried to walk around the hospital while he was under and got caught in the rain AGAIN.  Gosh... you can't blame a gal for trying!  I may try to walk again tonight.  We'll see.

I have a treadmill, I should have used it instead of skipping my walk.  Excuses excuses

I'm using the apps
MapMyWalk and Argus   I use MMW to log my complete workouts but Argus does a great job at tracking my steps for the day.

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