Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I got behind. No really... I have a lot of behind.

Ok... so I got a little behind.  Life... Apathy... etc.   I still tracked all my food and stayed within my "bites" (points) but I just didn't sit down and journal.  So let's play a little catch up shall we?

Friday-  It was Independance Day!  Ahh... Independence from the tyrannical brits and independence from the tyrannical hold that food has on us.  I had planned on telling you how strong I was at the picnic and how to make good choices and all that baloney but one of my clients called me out to deliver a baby so I got to skip this holiday! I was a little bit sad because I love hanging out with friends and fireworks but I also love seeing a woman power through labor and bring a wee little one into the world.  So... it's all good.  No picnic food for me!
The Healthy Strategies that come out of this is to really come to a place where food is secondary to the celebration.  This is HARD for me. I LOVE pot-luck.   Come on... sampling 30+/- different delicious dishes?  It's like tapas! But I like hanging out with friends too.  I may also have a spoon of 'tater salad.

Monday - Complete Food Journal.  
Tuesday July 1, 2014
Breakfast - Yogurt and a protein bar  9pts
Lunch-  Turkey Wraps 4pts
Dinner- Cabbage and noodles - 3pts
Snack- Skinny Cow ice cream bar 2pts
After workout smoothie - 9pts
UNDER- 8pts

Wednesday July 2, 2014
Breakfast - eggs, toast 6pts
Lunch - chili and baked potato 10pts
Dinner- Steak, mashed cauliflower and carrots  6pts
Snacks - apple, PB2, tic-tacs, watermelon 7pts
UNDER 2 pts

Thursday July 3, 2014
Breakfast -  Yogurt and Cereal 4pts
Lunch - Low Fat Pasta Salad  and watermelon- 5pts
Dinner- Pasta salad, mashed cauliflower, green salad and fish - 12pts
Snacks - Popcorn, skinny cow and watermelon 8pts
UNDER 6pts

Friday July 4, 2014
Breakfast- Egg, yogurt, toast and an orange 6pts
Lunch- Grilled Nuggets, lentil chips, laughing cow cheese 4pts
Dinner- (Working... missed dinner)
Snacks (SNACK ATTACK when I got home) Lean Cuisine Spring rolls, Pretzels, popcorn, skinny cow dreamy clusters 23pts
UNDER 3pts

Saturday July 5, 2014
Breakfast- Salad, avocado, turkey  3pts
Lunch- Chili and baked potato 9pts
Dinner- Turkey burgers, olives, Corn on the cob, salad  12pts
Snacks - SC ice cream sandwich, blueberry protein bar 5pts
UNDER 6pts

Sunday July 6, 2014
Breakfast- Waffles, strawberries, egg 7pts
Lunch- veggie roll 4pts
Dinner- pork chop, green beans, cucumber 3pts
Snacks- almonds, SC ice cream sandwich, fruit leather, lentil chips and cheese, 1 piece of pizza 20pts

Monday July 7, 2014
Breakfast- yogurt and cereal 4pts
Lunch- Chipotle BBQ snack wrap grilled 6pts
Dinner- Taco Salad 11pts
Snacks- pretzels, V8 fusion, laughing cow and lentil chips, SC ice cream 12pts

Tuesday - Weigh in Day! 
So I weighed in this morning and I'm only down .2 for the week.  You can see by my log above that I stayed in my points but I also started walking pretty hard!  I read a great thing about why you're not losing weight in Fitness Magazine 
You Work Out Regularly

I know, I know. How can an exercise routine make you gain? For starters, people tend to eat more when they work out, either because they feel they've earned it or because they're overestimating how much they've burned -- or both. "This is especially true in the early stages of a fitness program, when your body is getting used to the decrease in calories consumed and the increase in calories burned," Finger says. (Read: You're freaking hungry.)
But here's the real shocker: Working out can make you retain water. "To ensure that you don't get dehydrated, the plasma in your bloodstream will store an extra two to four pounds of water," explains Michele S. Olson, PhD, a FITNESS advisory board member and professor of exercise science at Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama. "You'll always carry that extra water unless you become inactive; it's not fat or muscle, but simply superhydration. It's a good thing." It's also a good thing to keep chugging H2O, which can, counterintuitively, help minimize additional water retention. So I'll take Olson's advice and stay active, well-hydrated...and off the scale.
So, it's all good.  Instead of pouting about my .2 weight loss, I'm going to rejoice that my body is working the way it should and I'm sure I'll get a crazy woosh! of weight loss sometime in the next few weeks that will make me glad I kept at it.
I thought of something else this morning "I know what quitting looks like... let's see what NOT quitting looks like"
So I'm not gonna quit.  You have to treat your bad days like your good days!

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  1. I started back on my weight-loss blog. So, I am reading yours again.